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This site was designed to allow organization, groups, clubs, teams and more offer "branded" garments and goods for sale... easily... without the hassle, overhead, and headaches normally associated with that process.

You have enough to do without having to become a SALES specialist as well. In addition, how do you make money when you have a large investment in inventory? This program was designed to eliminate the hassle and expense usually associated with offering "screen printed" items for sale.

This site was designed so it can be easily added to your existing website or treated as a stand-alone site. We can use your existing design(s) or create one(s) for you. Once the "artwork" is finalized, you pick what items are going to be available for sale and how much profit you want to make. You can even contol as to whether items can be personalized along with where/how they are delivered to your buyers. We also offer a shipping option for those who may be out of the area for a very nominal fee that the buyer pays at the time of purchase. Once someone purchases goods, you will automatically be notified of the sales. We will produce the goods and process the order for you. Your "profits" are tallied and paid to your organization at your desired intervals. It's ALL handled for you, automatically.

Feel free to try our sample organization below. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us. Use the handy button to the left for more information.

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